About Ultimatebuzz

Ultimatebuzz.net, launched in 2001 by Daz Effect, set up on a mission to build the ultimate resource for DJs and MCs to help the ravers find out what is going on in the rave scene throughout the North East and beyond. The website has since grown to become the biggest online rave resource and has secured the title of the UK’s number 1 rave site.

There is no other website offering the free resources and information that can match Ultimatebuzz. Whether it’s photos, information from the forums, flyers from 10 years ago or the latest music being pumped around rave venues in the region. Quite simply: Ultimatebuzz.net was put together by the ravers for the ravers!

Ultimatebuzz was taken over late 2009 which lead to it’s relaunch in January 2010 which say the forum – the only way for ravers to communicate at the time – become the most active are of the website. By the end of 2014 the forum had almost 3.5 million posts and over 30,000 members.

In 2015, in an effort to keep up with social media, Ultimatebuzz went through its 3rd redesign with a heavy focus on content creation and social network sharing.

Thanks to the efforts of archive.org’s The Way Back Machine you can view earlier versions of our website.