History of the Northeast Rave Scene

DJ Scott

Scott first got a set of decks in March 1997 just for a hobby really and to collect records he liked and wanted to hear anytime he felt like hearing them.

As the months progressed and he got the hang of things he got offered a weekly dj spot in the famous coliseum club in Stockton playing in the chill out room at first then in the last 2 months before the coliseum closed he gained a weekly dj spot in the main room.

At around the same time he got offered the job of running the after dark 2 in South Shields after a year or so he took the after dark 2 to a new level and found a new style of rave music (makina) Spanish rave so to speak without this find the after dark 2 and our scene today would of gone in 98/99 as the music and scene was dieing as the happy hardcore which was taking a beaten to our scene no one like it.

Scott then got offered the job of running the new monkey club in Sunderland in 99 and in the same year he started his own distribution company with a friend (daz hair) importing (makina) to the uk market as he knew this was coming in very big at the time and 7 years on it is still the biggest style to hit the northeast scene.

In 2000 and after more than 3 years at the after dark 2 and a year at the new monkey he left to start his own nights (hangar 13) with a friend (daz hair) he wanted to push the makina in a big way so in June 2000 (hangar 13).

The (hangar 13) has been 1 of the most successful and longest events in the northeast and after more than 6 years running it is still pulling in the massive crowds.

In the same year scott started his own record label Hangar 13 and up to 2006 hangar 13 and hangar 13 trance and hangar 13 limited edition have released 15 records between the 3 sub labels.

Over the years scott & daz hair have held there own events around the country (makina monthly in Middlesbrough) (United nations of dance monthly in Scotland) (Hangar 13 monthly in malton) (hangar 13 in Whitby) (hangar 13 night in spain @ la festa) and now for 2006 naughty in Newcastle a scouse house based event which is pulling in the massive crowds.

As well as having his own nights scott has worked with promoters around the country to stage hangar 13 nights with them either a hangar 13 arena or a hangar 13 vs there club at (Uprising Doncaster – Dizstruxshon Doncaster – TFI Friday - Sheffield).

On his own name he has worked at some of the biggest clubs today (Goodgreef – Sundissential - Judgment day – Sunday mass – Dizstruxshon – Uprising – TFI Friday – Ibiza mania – Freedom – Oasis – Vibe - Powerhouse) to name but a few as he has worked in over 400 different clubs or events to many to list.

Over seas booking (Pyramid 4 times 10’000 people one of the biggest clubs in Europe - La festa 2 times) as well as a few other he can’t remember has he never got the flyers.

Scott has worked with the biggest names in the uk and spain over the years to many to mention but anyone who knows him or sees the flyers out and about knows this.

Scott was asked in 2003 to do a CD compilation for contrasena records Spain (club time djs vol 2) which sold over 100’000 copies and gained him popularity in Spain even more.

In the same year M8 magazine Scotland asked scott to do a interview and to release a promo CD on the front cover of the magazine which over 50’000 readers got this CD free after buying the magazine this also gained him popularity in Scotland.

Scott has also did many radio gigs but the one he mostly remembers is flax fm Spain with juan cruz as he couldn’t speak English nor could scott speak Spanish and no one knew what was going on.

Now he has loads of projects to take on and these will be added on in the near future once up and running.

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