Paradox Sounds, the love child of Invasion Records & Darkzone Records

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Paradox Sounds

Paradox Sounds

We’re back with another Northeast Makina label showcase. This time around, DJ Power’s Invasion Records has teamed up with DMB’s Darkzone Records to bring you Paradox Sounds.

Paradox Sounds is a brand new label featuring artists like DJ Step, DJ Breakdown, Kris A, DJ Kontrol, DJ Active and Spanish producer Frank JMJ plus many more… Paradox Sounds also features up & coming producers such as Intense and Doof (North West).

The new label is currently focusing on Makina and Hard Trance but already has plans to expand into other genres in the new year to coincide with the release of Paradox Volume 2 featuring 12 tracks from the labels producers with a couple of surprises thrown in there from established producers.


Vinyl lives on at Paradox Sounds

Very few labels release vinyl these days, some say it’s a dying format but it is still going strong within the Northeast. It makes perfect sense for a label trying to establish themselves to release vinyl, and that is exactly what Paradox Sounds is doing with the release of the long awaited Execute EP on beautiful 12″ that you will be able to hold in your hand. They are also hoping to release a classic Colosseum style Old Skool vinyl in the future.

You can buy from Paradox Sounds’ library by heading over to their website where you can check out their latest MP3 releases and pre-order up-coming vinyl releases. The store is compatible with your devices including smart phones and tablets. We hope to see a mobile app in the future.

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